Topic Title: temp of grill with natural gas
Created on May 27, 2013 at 09:47 PM


I have noticed since moving and hooking my grill up (by a professional) to natural gas that the temp is hotter than with propane. Is this a natural occurrence with natural gas vs propane? It seems that the temp hoovers around 500 instead of the 400.
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Which model? Properly set-up, the temp should be the same on both LP & NG. What orifice size did the "professional" use for NG on your grill?


Propane burns hotter than NG

So I think you have an issue with the install.

First I'd look at the flames/flame pattern, your issue may be as simple as an air shutter adjustment

Was the correct burner orifice used for the burner during conversion? The correct orifice for your particular grill is listed on this website.

Did you change the regulator?

What water column pressure is NG running at?


The last sentence in the post above is measurred in inches vice psi.

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Propane is higher pressure than natural gas. The orifice size is larger for NG because of the lower pressure. Again, properly set-up for either type of gas, the temps should be the same. You need to call Holland with very specific info on your grill, model no, serial no, etc. They can answer your questions.


Guess you and I are saying the same thing. Linda has an issue with her set up.

Yes 400 deg is 400 deg whether its brought to that temp by LP or NG.

However being a nuke (kind of being like a mortimer snerd) if I remember correctly from ions ago back in school the flame temp of LP is somewhere between 40 to 60 deg hotter than NG.