Topic Title: Chicken thighs
Created on May 29, 2013 at 07:55 PM


I cooked some bone in skin on chicken thighs 25 min per side and they were still red in the middle.
How long should they have gone?


They take a little longer than wings which I do at around 18 minutes per side.

What you should probably do is add a couple minutes per side and then take one off, cool it and try it. See how it looks. If it's done, take them all off. If not, let them go another couple minutes. Continue until done.

Then... once you find the exact time required to get them to the desired doneness - write it down. From there every time you want to cook chicken thighs you can simply use the same time and they'll come out perfect. The Holland makes repeatability simple.


Thanks... Will let them go maybe 10 min one side longer 5 min the other.


I have never done thighs by themselves.

However I have done a boat load of fryer leg quarters and its usually 30 min a side, every now and again a minute or two longer. So in my opinion you are getting close.

In no way am I preaching here, if your drip tray is all gunked up it will add time to your cook.


Thanks's a new model and I am just learning the quirks of this one...


No need to turn chicken thighs, that is the problem. Just put them on with the seasoning and grill for 50-60 minutes. If barbecue sauce then add during last 5 minutes.


To each his own on your thoughts concerning turning the chicken.


buy a temperature probe takes all the guess work out


Darn I must have been doing chicken thighs wrong for the last 17 years on my Holland by turning them. On second thought I think not.