Topic Title: Holland Steam Mode
Created on June 3, 2013 at 11:29 PM


I am wanting to prepare a chuck roast (to practice before I do a prime rib roast) in an aluminum pan and have seen suggestions to use beef broth in the pan and close the bottom valve and utilize the steam mode of the Holland grill. When using the broth (as in Tom Kirkman's previous posts), is there any need to fill the grill basin with water, or is the beef broth plenty for the steam mode?

Paul S

One of the main reasons to add water to the drip pan is to bring the cooking temp down so your meat will cook slower. That's not going to happen if you just have broth in the aluminum pan. Chuck is not the most tender beef out there. Try it with water in the drip pan, you might be surprised.


Keep in mind that Holland drip pan holds a gallon of water. It steams away as you cook and you'll have to add more water to it about every hour. As the water steams out, the temp of the grill will gradually rise. I use this procedure when grilling a brisket and want a lower cooking temp. You really don't need a pan, just put the meat on the grill. That's what I do. Good luck.

Tom Kirkman

Right, you need to do both - water in the drip pan and broth in your aluminum cooking pan. Broth alone will quickly steam out.

I think you're going to like the results.