Topic Title: Maverick or Wrangler
Created on June 6, 2013 at 06:52 PM


I am considering purchasing either a Maverick or a Wrangler- my question is for those of you who own a Holland-how useful is it to be able to steam food, and how often do you use it? I haven't been a grill user really, so this will be my first one in years, and I don't know if I should pay the extra for the steam feature or save some money and skip it.
Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

Alvin C

The water in the drip pan feature is great for steaming, but for me it is even more important for cooking at a lower temperature. When the drip pan is full of water, the temp maxes out at about 250/275 degrees. Lots of thing need to be cooked at the lower temp to be tender. (Brisket, etc)
Hope this helps.


I'd get the Wrangler for all the reason Alvin C mentioned.

I've got two cart model Hollands and have used the steam feature quite a few times for steaming food (seafood and shumai) and like Alvin mentioned to lower the temp during cooks.

I've done ribs (Spare & Babyback) multiple times without water in the drip pan and they come out just fine also. I'm happier with the finished product with water in the drip pan. I have never attempted a Brisket on the Holland, I have another cooker that I'm happy with the results I get on Briskets. However I have done Beef Short Ribs with the drip pan full and they have turned out great.


I know of several who bought the maverick and after the purchase wished they had the steam feature the more they used the maverick. Buy the wrangler and you won't be sorry later.

Deacon Dash

I bought the Wrangler. My dealer didn't even stock the Maverick. He said he would order it for me but for the price difference when you included the shipping charge because it was a special order and the wait I'm glad I got the Wrangler. I haven't used the steamer part yet but I have it if I want it. I also like the smoker chip drawer as opposed to using up cooking grid for smoking chips. I love this grill!


I have just bought the Maverick and it don't have the steamer, but I don't see why we can't just put a stopper on the drain pipe to the drip pan and add water? Also, to put a can or steel bowl on the grid and steam that way?? Things I thought of as I was buying the grill, if anyone knows of any reason NOT to do this please advise. I believe it will work! and the size is great for the price and my size family!