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Hi Guys:
I am in the market for a new grill. My Weber gas grill is on it's last leg after 17 years. I was doing some research and came upon the Holland and I am considering buying one. I have read some reviews and blogs. I don't find the reviews very helpful since they are just talking about cocking surface and BTU, - nothing really about how the grill cooks. I have read some of the blogs here and looked at some youtube video's. Many corporate so they are biased. I hear lot's of people talking about how juicy everything cooks on a Holland and it's best to use a wireless thermometer. But if I use a thermometer on another grill, shouldn't what I cock come out equally good? Also, many of today's grills are designed so they don't flair up. My Weber designed 17 years ago did not flair up. If I decide to buy a Holland, which model should I buy and why. I don't think I am ready to purchase the two top models unless somebody really convinces me. I appreciate all the feedback. PS: I live in MA and there are no cookouts near by and the dealer isn't really close by. Thanks in advance to any of you taking the time to respond.

Tom Kirkman

The Holland cooks much like an oven. You know what the temperature is so you cook by time getting repeatable results.

Sure, you can take a Weber and move the food over to one side, away from the coals and use indirect heat. This is sort of the same thing, but takes more time and isn't going to be quite as repeatable as what you can do on the Holland. With the Weber, it's a "made do" sort of thing.

My feeling is, in for a penny, in for a pound. If you have the money, get the Apex. I've cooked nearly 550 meals on mine thus far and can clean it up and it still looks, and most importantly, works like new.

And... you can smoke, grill, steam, etc. This thing is amazing for steaming shrimp and crab legs. Cooks one heck of a rack of ribs, too.

Give yourself a week's worth of meals to dial in your temp and time, and then just start enjoying the best grilled food you'll ever eat. I won't go back to anything else.



Hope I'm not too late to offer you some advice/experience. I've owned a Weber Platinum Plus for 15 years - cooked many an enjoyable meal on it but, I never was able to achieve grilling "Nirvana." I held on to my Weber mainly due to it's great side burner as I do ALL of my sautéing outdoors - winter or summer.

Like you probably have, I did quite a bit of research on the Holland after learning of it's existence - thanks to a frequent poster on these forums. He (JC) suggested I attend a cookout demo which I did. I was sold. I bought the Apex (trust me, it's worth the extra $$ if you can swing it) and couldn't be more pleased. I feared their might be a substantial learning curve since I was so used to a flamethrower type grill. There wasn't. For roasts, chickens, larger items, I do use a wired meat thermometer (just rec'd my backordered Holland wireless thermometer yesterday) because you don't want to keep opening the hood - much like you don't want to keep opening the oven door. You will not believe that food cooked on a grill can come out so perfect and moist - but it does. Something as simple as a burger reaches a new level of flavor.

I've been a Holland owner for just over a month and that has been long enough for me to know that this is the way I want to grill. I finally found that above mentioned "grilling Nirvana."

Oh, and that trusty old Weber? I gave it to my next door neighbor. As for missing its great side burner, I purchased one of these: and haven't given it another thought.

If your budget allows, the addition of the SearMate for your Holland will give you the best of all worlds. Or, it can always be added at a later date.

Good luck with your quest. Please let us know what you decide.


Sorry - "I feared their might be" in above post s/b "there". That's what I get for not proof reading it first.


Thanks for the input. I will do as you and go for the Holland