Topic Title: Grill exploded
Created on July 8, 2013 at 01:38 AM


I was cooking with my holland epic grill tonight when we heard a huge boom and then something that sounded like a blow torch going off. When I ran outside my grill was a huge ball of flames. I had a steak on the grill for almost a half hour before this happened. Also the grill is only 3 months old and I have cooked on it several times before. Just glad I wasnt standing in front of it before it blew up. It took 2 10lb fire extinguishers to put the flames out and the bottle was still blowing propane until it finally ran out. Very scary. Definitely could have burnt my whole house down very easily. Probably wont be using one of these so called great grills again.

The Holland Co

It sounds like you may have had a gas leak in the hose around the regulator.
Please call the Holland company with all the info on your grill. We will try to analyze why this happened & determine what action needs to be taken.
We will be glad to help.

Mark Van Hyfte

Almost a half hour on the grill? Something is wrong.


I agree. So far the only thing the company wants to do is replace my grill. Dosn't matter about the new tank and 2 fire extinguishers. The sad part is thats all small things compared to the fact that my house almost started on fire and I could have been severly burned in the process. Im alittle concerned about how these guys treat their customers.

Franklin D

What I am reading indicates a leak in the hose or regulator at the tank which filled the cabinet with gas & eventually ignited/exploded.
The manual requires the customer to do a "Soapy water leak test" when the grill is new. This test would have exposed the leak which would have been taken care of under warranty & the incident would not have happened.


I did the soapy water test when it was put together. I have been using this grill for a couple of months now and had cooked on it for over 2 hours at one time. If there would have been a leak when it was put together it wouldnt have taken that long to find it. There is more of an issue than just a leaky connection. I wish holland would actually try and figure out what happened rather than just keep saying i had a leaky connection. The next guy might not be so lucky.


A truly unfortunate situation & we are all thankful no one was hurt. Please do not get me wrong, I am not trying to minimize your situation, merely give you my point of view.
I suppose all things considered they are doing more than if it had been a "Big Box" store type grill. It could have just as easily happened with a $199.00 grill from the big "W" in which case nothing would happen as far as a replacement.


It's possible you had a bad LP tank. From what you say about the fire coming from the tank, that sure is a possibility.


First off glad you are safe and not injured.

I agree with all posted concerning a leak.

Heck you could have had a critter munch on the regulator hose or the hose itself could have come in contact with grill box.

How old was your tank? Do you use a propane exchange or own the tank yourself?


I avoid the tank exchanges. I take mine to the same place to get filled to be sure it's done correctly.


You and me both. I've got one cylinder that I just had requalified after 12 years and that process was only $12 cheaper than buying a new replacement.

Tom Kirkman

If "the tank was still blowing" then the fault is with the tank, not the grill.


What was the final cause?