Topic Title: Drain Valve
Created on May 28, 2008 at 02:01 AM


I have The Epic grill. I'm getting really frustrated with the drain valve right now. My drain valve is on really loose. If I tighten up the drain valve to the pipe, then the valve is stuck up against the wall of the Epic grill when I attempt to open or close the valve. Unlike the Heritage, there would be no obstruction. Anybody else having this issue? Or any suggestions on what I can do to ease the frustration?


Hey Cal-I put an Epic together yesterday, and you're right--there's not much clearance between the drain valve and the cabinet side. I found that if I lifted up on the left side of the drip pan (facing grill) that raised the pipe enough to just hand tighten the valve on there snug. You don't want to tighten it with a wrench in case you ever have to remove it. The bucket hangs nicely on the little "hook" on the valve.