Topic Title: HG Family Cookbook
Created on July 8, 2013 at 05:20 PM


Cindy, you definitely want that cookbook! It is chock full of great recipes.

As for the Carolina Seasoning, it is amazing stuff. We even use it on whole potatoes. Scrub them, dry them, rub with a bit of vegetable oil then rub liberally with the Carolina Seasoning and place on the Holland. Not sure what it is, but the Holland grill does an amazing job with baked potatoes.


We tried the london broil marinade last week. Omg. It transformed what was a tough tasteless cut of meat into a fantastic dish. The recipe was on page 173. Has anyone else tried this? I recommend it!


I had some kids visiting and we made the monkey bread
On page 26. Even the three year old helped roll the doughballs. What fun and it came out great! The book said cook for 25 min but we cooked it for about 35 probably cause the kids kept peeking at it.


I have made monkey bread several times on my Holland and everyone loves it. Most people have never heard of cooking monkey bread on a grill but once they try it they are hooked.