Topic Title: Easy answer
Created on June 6, 2008 at 01:55 AM


I see all of the time new owners asking, "How long should I cook something or another". As a Weber convert myself, the best advice I can give anyone is to buy an inexpensive remote meat thermometer. I have two Redi-Check brand remotes and they are 100% accurate. Talk about taking the guess work out of the Holland, Wow! You may want to experiment a coulpe of times until you get to your own comfort level with them. It seems as though meat thermometer manufacturers want you to cook things about 10 degrees more than is sufficient. I believe it is a liability issue. The other benefit is that the reciever is like a pager. I can be at the neighbor's deck and keep tabs on the grill on my deck. Read the book. "If you're look'n, you're not cook'n". Best advice from the Holland owner's manual.


Excellent advice Terry. The digital thermometer was the best grilling investment I ever made--except for my Holland, of course. Holland has a cooking time chart on it's website. It is found in the RECIPE section. Here's the link. If it doesn't work, just click on RECIPES on the left side of their home page.


I'll agree the time chart is a useful tool so long as you stay within the boundaries of the presscribed thicknesses of the meat and weight of the roasts. it is a good guide. If somedays you want 1/2" thick loin chops, and the next you want a 2-1/2" thick Iowa chop done to perfection and to different tastes, the thermoeter can be your best friend.