Topic Title: smoke
Created on June 9, 2008 at 02:58 AM


howdy. I have a holland classic. I am trying to get smoke. I have put wood chips in tin foil packets without liquid, and I have also put wood chips in with a liquid and never have I seen smoke from the smoke stacks. How can I get the smoke, I also smoke on a charcoal smoker, can I get that on my holland, I have been trying.thanks


You must use the dry compressed wood pellet type of product like the Holland Flav-o-buds. Best to put them in an open tray in the back left corner of the drip pan. Put them in before you light the grill so they go through the preheat process. If your old Classic is heating properly, you should see smoke coming out of the chimneys in 20/30 minutes.


thanks chad maybe Ill pick some of those flavo buds up and see how they work. I have been putting apple chips in the four corners and have not seen any smoke thus far, i will try the holland buds. thanks
I will let you know how they turn out, Im on the river until the end of June, then the 4th of july will be another big BBQ.