Topic Title: Old Premier II
Created on September 30, 2013 at 07:03 PM

Sean C

Just a comment on my 13 yr old Premier II. Other than a drip pan drain pipe, I have never replaced a part. The grill is in great shape for it's age, still cooks like new.
I think the secret is regular maintenance & cleaning. I vacuum out the burner, clear the gas valve/orifice and readjust the air-shutter twice a year. Keeps it burning clean & at full heat. Keep the bottom of the inside vacuumed out & never let water get inside. Great grill!
Thanks Holland.


I agree a little bit of maintenance goes along way. My Classic is 16yrs young and still ticking. This grill even made 3 OCUNUS moves during my time in the military and I'm pretty sure the moving companies and shippers Uncle Sam hires don't give a hoot about your stuff.