Topic Title: House heat shield
Created on June 12, 2008 at 11:41 PM


New to Holland grilling. Manual says: "A minimum clearance of 18 inches on the sides and back must be kept between the grill and combustible construction."

I like grilling next to the house, with 18" clearance the siding feels very hot in a 3'x3' area behind the grill. I'd prefer not to roll it away as it would be a pain to re-level, and plan NG conversion which will further limit relocation.

Thinking about tacking aluminum flashing to the siding, but fear it may look 'tacky'.

Any ideas appreciated!


Drilled a small hole at the back of each Lid Stop. Hung a 35"x6" heavy brass plate, old door kick-stop (polished), from the holes.
The siding temperature closest to the grill is reduced by >80% and now warms ~10*.
Happily surprised this small metal shield makes such a big difference.