Topic Title: Baking in the Companion
Created on June 18, 2008 at 08:11 PM


I'm looking for an outdoor cooker that I can use to bake things like lasagna. I saw the recipe for meatloaf and wonder if cooking a lasagna in a pan would work. We live mostly outdoors in the summer and I don't want to heat up my kitchen if I can help it.


Think of the Companion as a "Convection oven" with circulating heat. It will cook just about anything including breakfast, lunch & dinner if you get creative. They also now have an electric version in addition to the LP model if that is of interest to you.

Tim from Madison

I have made "Stormin Norman's Easy Apple Dumplings" on my Companion. Turned out great. Go to the recipe tab in this site and click on deserts.

I have also baked biskets (refrigerator from a tube) and they are great.


Tim From Madison, Please send me the Stormin' Norman's recipe, I have looked but I either over looked it or just can't find it.

Thanks, email to:

Proud owner of 2 Holland Companions.


Sarge, >recipes >deserts & breads >2nd recipe on the list.


Thanks Chad, I was just missing it, too big of a hurry. They sure were good.

@ MaryEllen

I have cooked pizza pie caked apple and peach cobbler
ect all come out great