Topic Title: Replace or Repair???
Created on June 21, 2008 at 02:52 PM

Rick Pfarr - OHIO

My wife & kids gave me a Holland grill for father's day several [OK MANY] years ago We have used that grill year-round ever since. Last year I started noticing some major corrosion [including some perferation] in the lower half of the grill. By this spring, I felt the grill was no longer safe [due to flare-ups that were caused by the perferations], and informed my wife that it was time to get another grill or try to get replacement parts to get my OLD Holland back up & running. I went on-line to Holland to get an idea of what it would cost to replace these parts. I was pleased to find the SG2-999EZ Service Replacement Bottom. The kit cost $199 plus $20 for shipping. So my question remained: to replace the grill or $220 repair it??? I have always loved my Holland grill, so I decided to give the service replacement bottom a shot. If anyone reading this has the same dilema, GET THE SERVICE REPLACEMENT BOTTOM # SG2-999EZ!!!! It has EVERYTHING [and I do mean EVERYTHING] you need to get your grill back to brand new specifications, including evey nut, bolt, screw & fastener to replace every old fastener in your grill, top & bottom. The ENTIRE bottom is new so you get ABSOLUTELY EVERY part that has become damaged by heat & humidity over the years, PLUS. I power washed the old grill first to make the job less messy. It came apart & went back together easily. I now basically have a brand new Holland grill again. [Oh yeah, and the main parts that failed before, which would also be subject to fail again have been upgraded from steel to aluminum]
It may just be the best $220 I spend this summer!


Hey Rick,
Glad to hear you are happy with the EZ kit. One comment: You mentioned that you power washed the parts on your grill.
Probably not a good idea to get water on any grill parts except the stainless steel cooking grid. Any moisture anywhere on the grill is going to contribute to future corrosion, especially in the bottom where the water always ends up. I learned the hard way. Keep that old Classic going!