Topic Title: epic vs apex
Created on June 23, 2008 at 02:47 PM


Question: other than the amount of stainless steel, what is the difference between the epic & the apex grills? I'm about to purchase a Holland Grill but can't decide between these two models.

@ Sean

Other than the body material, the 2 grills are the same & have the same features. The Apex has a longer warranty because of the stainless steel.


So is the apex worth the extra $200.00? Just wondering. That's the model I was considering.

@ Sean

If you can afford it, get the Apex. If not, you will be very happy with the Epic. Both will cook the same & the aluminum bottom on the Epic should be around a long while. The Epic has a mild steel lid.
The main thing on the Apex is the 15 year rust through warranty vs the 5 year warranty on the Epic. Also, I think the stainless on the Apex is "prettier".


I'm wondering the same. Does anyone else have more suggestions when considering Apex vs Epic ?

I believe I read the Apex, being Stainless Steel, is a bit more economical on heating (retains heat) and has the lower BTU. But, I also read that it takes longer to warm up ... and I live in Minnesota, so that may be a disadvantage for the $200 higher priced model.


Ditto, I'm looking for more info to. Like when you go to auto company websites and you can pick two or more car "packages" and it compares the features. Like (but better table format):

Side Shelf:
Heritage Plus: Black polypropelyne, approved for direct food contact
Epic: NuStone side shelves safe for direct food contact
Apex: NuStone side shelves safe for direct food contact

etc ... to show the different models and the different level of features.


To see a feature comparison chart on a single page, go to our website at Click on CUSTOMER SUPPORT>Owner manuals/brochures. Then scroll down to see the Model Feature Comparison Chart. Or, you can cut and paste the link below and it will take you right to it. Thanks!

--The Holland Grill Co.


Perfect, thanks a bunch.