Topic Title: New to Hollands
Created on November 15, 2013 at 10:36 PM

John K.

Several years ago I debated between the Holland and a Weber Genesis. After much reading I determined people either loved or hated the Holland. I didn't want to spent that much money to find out I didn't like it. This week one popped up on Craigslist local and cheap. I decided to purchase this one to see if I would be in the love it club. It is an older one, Classic I think but is in great condition. The guy was moving and couldn't take it, he claimed he was going to buy a new one when he got where he was going. I figured that may be a sales pitch and took it with a grain of salt. After I paid him and loaded it he went on for an hour about how awesome it was, I knew no sales pitch was needed at that point and listened carefully. This evening I fired it up for my first trial run with 4 steaks, two sirloins and two cheapo, thicker chuck steaks. 13 minutes on each side and man o man what a piece of meat. I am convinced that with a little smoke added in that I couldn't go anywhere and buy a better steak. I love my Weber but it looks like it is going to be getting a bit of a break, I grill 3-4 times a week. I've read a lot of the post here with tips, times and recipe's etc..... Thanks to all who contribute, I'm looking forward to grilling again tomorrow.


Enjoy that old Holland. Make sure to try a whole beer-butt chicken and a bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. Also, you'll never cook a Thanksgiving turkey in the oven or fryer again!

Bill in Texas

I've teetered back and forth between charcoal and a Holland for the better part of twenty years. I've got a Legacy on my back porch I converted to natural gas when I built my home eight years ago. I had all but quit using it, opting for charcoal for the last few years, but the reality of it was that I never got around to doing a little routine maintenance to the Holland. Well, this past weekend I replaced the drip pan and igniter and it lit on the first click. I cooked a couple of rib eyes and they were great! So it looks like I'm teetering back towards the Holland now maybe for good!

John K.

My wife eats chicken so much she should be clucking by now. For several years I have been grilling her boneless chicken breast on Sunday evenings to make her lunches for work. Yesterday I gave the Weber the day off and let the Holland have a go at it. I did everything the same (seasoning etc...) except for the grill. They turned out great. I tend to overcook them if anything to make sure I keep her around for a while but these came out perfect. Maybe a London Broil next! :)