Topic Title: How to Control Temperature
Created on July 1, 2008 at 06:04 PM


I just bought a Holland Epic and finished assembly. Other then for some missing parts everything went fine. I started the grill for the first time and the temperature exceeded 500 degrees. My question is how do you control the temperature so the needle stays in the green?

the demonstrator

After you grill on this unit a few times, your temperature will decrease to around 440. It's a good idea to season your drip pan and grid by cooking bacon the first time, plus the bacon is awesome on the Holland.


Thank you. After I posted the message I saw another question similar to mine with the response that you stated. I have cooked on the grill twice with excellent results. Best sausage and steak I have ever tasted. The temperature did decrease to about 450 degrees.


I've cooked on mine 3 or 4 times now and its still right at 500+
Any idea how long it a takes before the temps start to drop a little.


I just bought an Apex and used it for the first time last night. The temperature seemed to stay constant at about 475 F. I propped the lid open by about 1/2" which cooled it off of about 425 F. The pork roast was excellent. I'm hoping that through time, the temp will drop. A friend of ours with a Heritage model says that his cooks at 350 F.
Also, I had no problems getting the wood chips to smoke. The grill performed excellent, although the the temp was a bit too high.


to bigcatdaddy...try back lighting the the burner on the grill first, then open the gas tank. There's a saftey valve in the tank that prevents the gas from flowing at full works. I use this method to slow cook all the great for ribs.


is the back lighting trick safe to do???


I too like to slow cook my ribs, i usually use a smoker/grill i made years ago, problem its almost shot and id like to just use my Lolland but the temps are always near the 450 range.. way too hot for slow cooking. I love my Holland and have used it 2-4 times a week for ovr 10 yrs. Please tell me how to slow down the temps!!


The only safe way to lower cooking temps on a Holland is to add water to the drip pan & replenish as necessary to keep the temp down.
Those who advocate "backlighting" are playing with fire, because activating the safety valve in the regulator reduces gas flow, but leans out the air-gas mixture. This could cause the flame to blow out in a breeze, continuing to put unburned gas in the grill. This is not condoned & would void any warranty.


Thanks OLDGUY!! I thought as much!! Happy grilling!!


I have an Apex that was cooking consistently at around 400F all summer. Now that fall is here I've noticed that the cooking temp is lower (around 350-375). Question, is this normal? We live up in Canada with cooler temps. The drip pan is clean. Cleaned after each use. Although it's blackened.


I have the same problem with my Holland up here in Michigan. I'm sure this isn't an 'approved' fix, but I went to my local dealer and had an orifice made a couple of sizes larger than the factory one and use that for winter. If you have an adjustable wrench and a monkey, you can train it to change the orifice. (It's easy!)