Topic Title: beef rump roast?
Created on July 4, 2008 at 05:29 PM


I want to try a beef rump roast on my tradition. Anyone had any luck or have any ideas?

Terry (Illinois)

Hi Ed, Sorry no one has replied yet. I've done several bottom rounds and they were dry. My wife suggests wrapping in foil and filling the drip pan with a gallon of hot water. Please let us know. We've had good luck with London broils.


I've cooked several Sirloin Roasts on the Holland and they were outstanding. The key with beef, especially lean beef, is to NOT overcook it. I set my digital meat thermometer for 145 degrees in the center. That produced rare to medium rare in the middle, and more done one the outside so everyone was happy.


THe secret to a rump roast is the cut...very important...ask your meat cutter...he'll know.

I brown mine first then place it on the grill...yum.


Tried A rump roast last night followed your Directions it was Great Med Rare inside and Juicy. also put the rump seasoning on it and used Mesquite Flav-O-Buds Thanks for all the Info. Craig