Topic Title: Used Heritage?
Created on July 7, 2008 at 03:08 PM


My $100 gas grill succumbed to the rust gods over July 4th and I've always be curious of the Holland grills. I've found a 6 yr old Heritage for $350...what would be considered a reasonable price for this model and age?




Sounds a little high for a 6 year old Heritage unless it is basically unused condition. Get the model & serial number off the data plate on the front & give Holland a call. They can tell you about when it was manufactured.
Also, another factor to consider. The first generation Heritage grills had steel bottom shells which were more susceptable to corrosion after a few years. The current Heritage plus has an aluminum bottom & drip pan which should never rust.


I agree with the Old Guy. New and assembled will only cost another $250 +/- and has the new bottom shell. Should last forever. The odd thing is why some one would be selling one used. Must be a divorce.