Topic Title: Tips to smoke samon
Created on December 28, 2013 at 02:02 PM


I'm new to smoking with the holland grill, so I need tips. I want to smoke two slabs of samon, but don't know where to start on this grill. Directions? Recipes?

Go Cats!!!

Where I'm from, it's Yankee Catfish!! hehehe Actually I have cooked "samon" on my Holland. I used wet cedar planks, smoke pellets, etc. My kids said it was very good and have asked for it again. As for me, I don't care for it so I would not know if it was good or not. I think the wet cedar planks are the trick though so the bottom does not burn. Good Luck, Yankee!


I have grilled salmon many times. Wife and kids love it. I simply season it with Hollands Greek seasons and cut up thin lemon slices and lay on top. Put it skin side down on the grill; cook for about 25 minutes until it flakes. I guess you could add some wood pellets to the smoke drawer of your grill to get a little smoke to it; But it tastes pretty good without the smokeyness. Good luck.


Cedar planks are the way to go with salmon. I use the Carolina seasoning and use a Thermapen from Thermal Works to monitor meat temp. It's easy to over cook salmon.


A really good answer, full of raynoialitt!