Topic Title: The One & Only! Best Grill
Created on July 8, 2008 at 04:30 PM


I have grilled almost all of my 70 year's and have never had a grill as good as "The Holland." Everything that I have grilled has turned out exceptional! I grill 365 days a year! Our Thanksgiving turkey looked like it was out of gourmet food magazine. Will never have another grill, but "The Holland."


rite on joel, i tell people all the time i can bake a pie cook a casserole and grill meat , i will never own anything but a holland , mine is over 12 years old and cooking bout time for a new bottom though....

the demonstrator

I totally agree. I have been involved in almost 2000 demonstrations on the Holland Grill. We have cooked just about everything and have never had a bad item to come off the grill. The funniest part is a lot of my dealers carry other grills and when their factory reps are there, they will not even attempt to cook because they cannot compete with our quality and taste.