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Created on July 11, 2008 at 01:55 AM


Hello Everyone,

Please forgive me if these questions have been answered before.

I was wondering if anybody has any experience with the Companion Electric grill? Does it cook as well as the gas grills? Will it hold up as long as the gas grills do?

I have an old Classic gas grill that has lasted many years. It has done a great job but the bottom has started to rust out. It seems a bit expensive to order a replacement bottom kit when I can buy a new CE grill for not much more.

With the gas prices like they are lately, I am thinking of buying an electric grill. I appreciate all the comments and thoughts you might have.


Tim from Madison

Hi Russell,

I can not give you any insight about an electric companion.

I have a gas companion and just love it. Yes, gas is expensive if you use the one pound bottles. I have mine hooked up to a 20 lb tank out on the deck. Works just fine. You can get a hose from Holland.

I still use the one lb tanks when I take the companion in the motorhome.

Hope this helps.


any other comments would be appreciated!!!


I believe the Electric Companion is a fairly new product, so you probably won't get many replies until people have had more experience with it.
I do know that the primary market for the elecric version is for apartment & condo dwellers where gas or charcoal grills are not allowed because of fire danger.
Keep in mind that the LP gas version can be connected to a standard 20 lb LP tank if you purchase the Companion conversion hose available under Grill accessories on this site.
A little 1 lb bottle will give 3 to 4 cooking hours, so a 20 lb tank should last a very long time.


On our demo at my store we used both the Gas and Electric Companion. They both cooked great but I think the electric did a little better. We grilled chicken and potatoes on them. We also did a tray of cookies on each and they came out GREAT!!! You will LOVE IT. You won't be disappointed with it. Also I own a Gas Companion along with my Tradition. Took my Companion to Yellowstone and had fun showing it off to a couple who thought I was "Burning" my chicken breasts. Had to explain what the grill was.


GI Dust,I have to turn elec. nob to next to last mark on the high range marking, do you find this norman.

I just got my elect. grill I booh says low should produce 300 deg, medium 400 deg & high 500 deg.

Thanks for any help.


PS sorry about spelling, i meant to spell book.