Topic Title: no reply from customer support
Created on July 16, 2008 at 10:20 PM

Stephen H

I have sent 3 messages requesting info from customer support in 4 days and can't get an answer.
I live in British Columbia Canada and the find a Dealer doesn't work. I have a very old grill that I wish to change back to propane. I've misplaced the original orifice since I switched to natural gas years ago.
Does any one know of a 1 800 number that I can call to get the info I need to order new parts.


The 800 number doesn't work in Canada.


I should have mentioned that I believe the Holland web-site is also currently non-functional in Canada.

All this should be changing in the near future as Holland moves towards an official presence in Canada.

Stephen H

Thanks Old Guy. I sent an e-mail to "the demonstrator" and got the help that I needed. I guess part of my frustration was that I couldn't get a reply from e-mails to Customer Support.

Thanks again


Hi Stephen:
We live in Manitoba and had to go down to Grand Forks ND to purchase our Apex a few weeks ago. I believe that there is a Holland Grill dealer in BC. I emailed Holland Grill about 5 months ago searching for a dealer in Canada. They responded that the nearest one was in BC somewhere. I think that you should be able to order parts directly from this company. A friend of mine was able to do that.Hope this helps.

Apollo Distributing Corp.

We are a distributor for Holland Grills in Western Canada since 1992. We have dealers throughout B.C.,AB,Sk and Manitoba.

Contact: Apollo Distributing Corp.
Emerald Park, SK
e mail:
We ship from Regina, SK


In Ontario,the distributor is:
Harkness Equipment
RR#4 Harriston Ontario N0G 1Z0
Fax: 519-338-2756
I purchased my Apex there several months ago
I have contacted Holland at 1-800-880-9766 and found there customer service ..excellent!
Same as my Apex.