Topic Title: Half rack question
Created on January 23, 2014 at 02:18 PM


How many of you Hollanders use the half rack and what % of the time? I am wanting one bad but don't know if it would be used much or where I would store it when not in use. I also am liking the new Veggie rack, I like doing Peppers and cheese and that would make it easy I am thinking..

Go Cats

I bought one when I bought my grill. I use it the most when cooking bacon. Seems to me that it helps to slow down the cooking enough that the bacon will not burn on the edges as much. Also, on my grill, the left side is hotter than the right. With the half rack, I don't have to worry about moving the bacon around as much so that all is cooked about the same time. I have also used it when cooking the apple dumplins that are shown in one of the cooking videos. Man, those are good!! Oh yeh, I almost forgot. I use it the most when I cook baked potatoes on the Holland. Holds them up off the heat enough that I do not have to turn them while cooking. They are great too!!


Sorry first off for the length.

I have multiple grills in which Holland equivalent of a half rack came as a standard feature (Weber, AOG, and Lynx) and have to admit I never thought much of them and can only remember using the Weber one once.

That said I have two cart model Holland's and purchased the half rack for both of them and use them quite a bunch. I also have a Phoenix grill (almost a Holland clone) and once I get done the snowbird thing this year I intend to buy a half rack for that grill also.

Concerning storage if grill is not in use I store the half rack inside sitting on the cooking grate most of the time. When grill is in use sans half rack I store them hanging on a peg board in my garage.


Thanks Cats and JC, this is what I was wondering. I have the Epic and I think I am going tomorrow and get one..