Topic Title: Just Bought an APEX.
Created on July 18, 2008 at 02:10 AM

Roll Tide Griller

Tried burgers last night and the were great.

No having to douse a flame during cooking was great. I think bacon or pork chops will be next.

I'm kinda leary about cooking a steak so I'm gonna wait awhile before I try one.

So far so good.


Bought an Epic myself yesterday.....same experience! Outstanding burgers!


Ditto here. Bought an Apex 2 weeks ago. So far we've cooked pork roasts, ribs, veggies and baked potatoes. All excellent. The temp was high at first but seems to have settled down to about 400F. On a cooler day it seems to cook at 350-375F. Looking forward to burgers and no flare ups.


you'll love the steaks oh yea....GO BIG ORANGE


Roll Tide Grill...Bacon does well on the may want to watch it more closely than with other items though because bacon will get to done, in the case of bacon it's safe to do the Look'n thing!

You will love Steaks on your Holland. If you want a Medium steak it's recommended that you grill them 10 minutes on one side and 8 minutes on the other side, but of course this also depends on the thickness of your steak.