Topic Title: I love my Holland
Created on May 25, 2014 at 05:15 PM


I purchased a Holland Apex and love it! We have an outdoor kitchen with a built in grill and side burner but the Holland fills a nitch that was lacking. Slow, low heat cooking. I still love my main grill but the Holland makes our outdoor kitchen complete. Everything is so easy! Grilling chicken wings as I type. A completely satisfied customer. Thanks Holland!


I'm with you. I have a few grills hanging around my house and each one cooks a tad bit different and fills a specific niche. I just find some foods taste better on a certain grill and will use that grill when grilling up the guest of honor.


I love mine also. I started with a Heritage in 2000 and now I have a Wrangler (wish I had the Apex because I miss the dual stacks). I am also seriously looking at adding a BGE for a second grill.


I love my Wrangler! Grilling made easy.