Topic Title: New grill....recipe question
Created on July 18, 2014 at 08:19 PM


Been looking in my area for a used holland forever. No luck...but u did just find a nice Wellington in great shape. Already bought a holland cookbook, with they be pretty close to the same if u find that 400 degree zone? Also these don't have the nice smoker tray like the holland, can I just put the chips in the drip pan?

No chips on pan!

I picked up one of those smoker boxes at Lowes for $10.00 and it works like charm. Don't put the chips on the drip pan. I put a 1ft dripper tube on the drip pan so I can lift it high enough set the smoker box under it on the heat shield. It works prefect.


I am very interested in your reply. Any way to get pictures or a video of how/where you place the smoker box? Are you talking about lifting up the drip pan and placing a box of chips below? I'm having a hard time picturing this. I don't think I have enough wiggle room to get my drip pan lifted high enough. How do you get the box removed without spilling chips?