Topic Title: A Whole New Grillin Experience!
Created on July 20, 2014 at 05:52 PM


I live in CA and have a getaway place in AZ . I usually try to get up there once a month or so. Shorty after I bought the place my brother gave me a old Holland grill as a house warming present. The grill has to be at least 15 years old but it is still in good shape. I mainly cooked hamburgers and hotdogs on it and this was a real pain because I tried using like my grill at home and I hated it. The grill I have here in CA is a old POC Coleman that is on its last leg so I decided to get replacement grill for here. After researching grills on line I look up the Holland grill to my surprise I was using it the wrong way. Realizing it was a oven grill I got excited because I hate standing around a grill so on my budget I found a used Holland and decided to learn how to use it here. After cleaning it up and ordering a couple of parts from Holland I have had it for two weeks now and I absolutely love it. Now I don't have to hide the AZ Holland in the garage and hurting my brothers feelings.


CB great news and congrats for preservering.

I too was in a simular sinking ship years ago. I bought a Holland not knowing what it was. Tried it and figured this I did not sign up for this mess. Tucked it away and went and bought a more traditional gasser . Used the gasser for years then finally broke out the old Classic some years later and have been a huge Holland fan since. I have a couple of Hollands and 2 Phoenix grills (kinda like a Holland with temp controls) and a couple of hangar queens (traditional gassers) laying around.

Once again congrats and keep the fires burnin.