Topic Title: Pancakes
Created on August 27, 2014 at 10:15 PM


I tried this...worked great. I bought a 2-pack of those disposable aluminum cookie sheets in the grocery store where they sell all those aluminum foil roasting pans. These particular were about 11" x 16" end to end. They may have been advertised as 10" x 15"...don't remember. They fit perfectly over the grill screen of the Holland side by side creating a griddle out of the Holland. Be sure to use some oil, butter, or fat to coat the surface before you pour on your pancake batter or they will stick.

There's a few other uses for these cookie sheets in the holland. I sometimes cover the food on the grill with them to reflect the heat back towards the food for faster and hotter cooking, and I sometimes use one on the right side of the grill just to keep food warm while something else is cooking directly on the grill beside it. They also can help to burn off stuck on food by covering the grill screen with them and letting the holland run for 10-15 minutes after you cooked something. They also help the grill to preheat faster using this method. You don't need to clean them...just leave them in to reuse them or dispose of them when you want.