Topic Title: How I got my Holland
Created on August 27, 2014 at 10:54 PM


I used to be a Schwans Foods sales/delivery person. You know them....the big trucks selling ice cream and frozen food door to door. Anyway one of my favorite customers was a guy in his early to mid 30's who would ALWAYS be waiting for me on my bi-weekly scheduled stop at his moms house. He'd always be standing next to his grill drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. He had lost his drivers license from too many times being caught driving while intoxicated so when he wasn't at work, he'd be home...standing next to his grill..... drinking beer ....and smoking cigarettes. We became friends. He was the last stop on my route for that particular day..every two weeks. So...we'd both stand next to his grill and shoot the **** and talk about anything, music, cars, girls, name it. I might even have had ONE beer with him every so often. I think we threw horseshoes a few times and just hung out as it got dark. He loved his grill and he showed me why. It was a Holland, and he knew how to cook anything on it. Almost anything you can get from Schwans he knew how to cook on the Holland. He'd have frozen pizza on there, chicken wings, and a lot of game meat that he shot last hunting season that he'd had made into sausage. He told me what we all's not great for searing, charring, blackening etc....but it's great for roasting and baking, and it's hard to burn things when used correctly. He had whole chickens on there, and covered dishes he was baking. Some vegetables and whole baking potatoes.

I get sad when I think of the last day I ever saw him. I told him that I'd be starting a new job soon and wouldn't be running that route anymore for Schwans. I was going to work for UPS and had given Schwans my 2 weeks notice. We spent a little extra time together that last evening together, tending the Holland grill and just hanging out like pals. When I drove off in the Schwans truck for the last time, he yelled to me as I was backing out in the Schwans truck.... ".....don't forget me man!!!....don't forget me!". That was the last time I did ever see or hear from him. I'm sad we didn't stay in touch. I always remember him and I always remembered the Holland Grill so 5 years ago I bought one and I grill on it every chance I get. When I'm grilling sometimes I'll just stand next to my grill and remember my friend. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll read this.


Great story but I have to ask.. why don't you EVER go see him ??? seems like you had some great times..