Topic Title: temperture epic
Created on August 28, 2014 at 11:50 AM


own an epic for 5 years now and love it , but yesterday put a new tank on and the temperture will not get hotter then 250 degrees. does anybody have any suggestions ? thanks !


I had a problem with my holland at start-up after it had sat for the winter unused. There was a clog in the cast iron burner pipe just before the main burner. Try tapping hard with a wrench or hammer on the pipe to loosen any possible debris in my case I think there may have been either rust particles or dead bugs. If that doesn't work then try removing the propane tank , turn on the gas valve on and off on the grill, reinstall the propane tank, and try it again. I've had problems with other grills from new propane tanks.


Did you use a tank exchange or did you get it filled some where? I have had some from tank exchange places that were not filled properly. I have also had them not filled properly.

Try a regulator reset. Light the grill as you normally would & then turn it off at the grill control. Next turn the bottle off then back on again. Light the grill & see if that works. If the grill runs out of propane while lit the regulator can stick & so it sometimes will not reach normal temp after relighting.


thanks everbody ! tried your advice and she is working fine . YEAH !!!!! GRILL ON !!!!!