Topic Title: What temp does your Apex run?
Created on September 15, 2014 at 10:17 PM

Phil V

I just bought an Apex today and really excited to be part of the Holland family. I got the grill home, set up and lit to "burn it off". After about 25 minutes, the temp on the grill was a constant 580 degrees until I shut it off at 40 minutes. I thought the grill would run about 400 - 425. I haven't cooked anything yet.....tomorrow, but wondering if that temp I got preheating is normal. I use propane and checked on the information tag inside the grill to make sure it not natural gas but didn't pull the orfice to check, thought I'd see what you experts had to say first. The grill was burning in my garage, overcast and 60 degrees outside. Any help would be appreciated.


Too hot. I'm sure someone from Holland will chime in here, if not contact your dealer or Holland directly.

Tom Kirkman

In the summertime, my runs at 430F.
In the winter, about 380 to 400F. Typically, in the winter I will add about 2 additional minutes to my known cooking times.
A clean grill will run hotter than a dirty one.


When I set up a new Holland, I place an oven thermometer in the center of the grill while it is being cooked off for the first time. I let the grill run for 1 hr. and note the temp on the oven thermometer. This is your empty grill temp inside the grill (outside temp. defendant). This temp is what I give to the new Holland owner for them to gauge their cooking temp's with. I have found in many cases the gauges on the top of the grill sometimes read higher and sometimes lower than the oven thermometer reading. I make the owner aware of the grill gauge temp and recommend they use that reading as the temp that the grill is ready to load. But please remember, your cooking temps and times will be driven by outside temp, and the amount of food that is placed in the grill. I have customers that load up their grills, only to find the cooking temp running lower than normal. More food lower temp, less food higher temp. More food means more BTU absorption during the cooking process. Be patient, plan ahead and the food will taste just as good. It always give me more time to visit.... Just love it.... (=;)> Note: with all this said, and your oven thermometer reading is still at 580 degrees, do as Grillin recommends.