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Created on September 16, 2014 at 11:05 PM

William Hinton Jr

I got the legesty about in 2001 and it come with a life time wart you put water in the tray and it stays at 250 it cooks the best bbq chicken you ever tasted they do not make them like this one it is pure stainless and they have always replace parts free I retired from a natural gas company I paid 1600.00 in 2001 but it has been worth it they have replaced the burner 2 times back then it come with all steel burners and the have replace the cook grate free I got the book and tag on it wart for life I got it at the right time it looks like it did when I got it


Current equivalent model is the Apex. Even better materials & new features.
BTW...If you have an original Legacy, it had a 10 yr warranty. If it is the later Legacy LS, it had a 25 yr warranty. Some specific individual parts had lifetime warranties if you paid shipping/handling.


I don't know how you get better than all 304 SS material wise.