Topic Title: Cajin turkey
Created on November 21, 2014 at 12:27 AM


I have made the thanksgiving turkey sinc ei bought my grill.
This year I'm htinking of trying a cajin one.
Has anyone did one of those?
I usually just put the Hlolland seasoning on it but was wondering if i just add cajin spices if that would be good enough.
Or should i have to deal with injecting the seasoning? How about putting the spices in a saucer on the side and letting them steam into the turkey?


Last year I used the Emeril Lagasse cajun turkey recipe. I had done it before frying it but with oil so expensive I used the Holland last year. It was extremely good. To me a fried turkey is hard to beat but that one last year was extremely close to what a fried one taste like. I injected the turkey and used the rub on it. Can't remember exactly where I got the recipe, I just googled Emeril Lagasse cajun fried turkey to get the recipe.