Topic Title: Maverick getting too hot
Created on January 24, 2015 at 06:25 PM


Have a new Maverick that gets so hot that I cannot turn the food without a glove. Have one of the first Hollands that came out, and it does not get nearly as hot. Have put a small block of wood under the top when cooking and that helps somewhat. Even in winter cannot get temp. below 450. Any ideas out there? Thanks!


Nobody can help you without knowing what kind of fuel you are using & which fuel your grill is set up for. The most logical explanation would be that you have a natural gas orifice (larger) running on LP gas. The second explanation, if you are using LP gas, would be a regulator calibrated to too high a pressure.
Again, call Holland with specific info on your grill so they can help.


Interesting....I have emailed about this and was told in my reply that it was not a problem. We have propped the lid up most of the time to keep food from burning.

My Maverick was supposed to be an LP grill and I use LP gas.