Topic Title: Holland Grilled Artichokes
Created on January 25, 2015 at 02:08 PM


Has anyone successfully cooked artichokes on the Holland Grill? I haven't found any recipes that give me reason to believe I can.

Grill Man

below is a recipe for cooking an artichoke in an oven that should work just fine on the Holland!

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C).
2.Place artichokes stem-side down in a bowl and drizzle with lemon juice.
3.Slightly separate the artichoke leaves with your hands.
4.Insert a knife blade into the center of each artichoke to create a garlic clove-size space.
5.Drizzle each artichoke with olive oil.
6.Press 1 clove of garlic into the center of each artichoke and season with salt.
7.Tightly wrap each artichoke twice with heavy-duty aluminum foil.
8.Place in baking dish and bake in the preheated oven until sizzling, about 1 hour 20 minutes