Topic Title: Independence Grill?
Created on February 17, 2015 at 10:51 AM


Has anyone bought the new Independence grill? If so, what has been your experience thus far? It looks like the Independence offers most of the advantages of the Apex but at a significantly lower purchase price. I'm planning on getting either the Apex or the Independence soon but I sure would like to hear from a current owner.


This Grill just came out in December, 2014


Hello I own the new Independence model and absolutely love it. It has all the features of the Apex model and the great new sturdy 4 leg design. This model gives me the worry free ownership of a stainless steel grill at a lower price. It has all the same parts and cooking features of the Apex. You can't go wrong with any of the models in the Holland Grill lineup I have owned and cooked on a Holland for more than 28 yrs. Hope this helps with your decision but either model you have considered are Top shelf.


Thanks, NCGriller. I decided to go with the Apex and have been pleased with it. By the way, I've been a Holland griller myself for the past twenty or so years. Can't imagine outdoor cooking any other way.