Topic Title: fired it up today !
Created on March 15, 2015 at 09:39 PM


ok after pouting for almost a year ! i have decide i was not going let this holland cooker thingy beat me but i will tell you all it is still getting me down ! After some thinking i figured out i want to try to put the smoke thing to a try so i buy some packaged wood chips read the directions and put the chips in a pan put it in the left corner for about 20 minutes and they never did smoke ! so i was loosing patience and decided to go ahead cook and try it again next time! what the heck am i doing wrong? does the chip pan go between the cooking grate and the drip pan ? should i maybe puta torch to the chips then put them in?If i put a torch to the chips should maybe mix some soaked chips in so it slows the burn down?

thanks doubter !


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I suggest you look at cookout calendar and if there is one near you go and talk to the demonstrator he can explain the way to cook on a Holland


here we go again ! calling me names when i was asking a legitimate question ! (what the H WILMA) i was be being very serious by no means did i call the holland a piece of **** or any say any the derog ritory about any anybody or the Holland WTF


Yes, put it on the drip pan under the cooking grate.


seems to me you ask these same questions last April page 10 of this blog


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Put your smoking tray under the cooking grate and wedge it in the left hand corner between the drip pan and the grill housing lip. This is going to be the hottest area in the grill. I never wet my chips, only use dry ones. I usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes form mine to start smoking. Hope this helps.


yes i did ask part of this question !
and yes it was answered but i am still having trouble ! so how about some body answer this if it dont make m ea troll ! i had it in the holland lite for about 15 minutes and the chips never did start smoking ! should i light them before i put them in the holland?


I use the wood pellets in my Apex and it usually takes about 30 minutes for the smoke to start. I cooked pork chops tonight with apple pellets and they were awesome.

@ doubter

I can understand your frustration, but there are certain specifics people need to know before they can help you. You have not indicated which grill model you have, what kind of fuel you are on or how hot your grill is heating to.
The DRY PELLETS in the little tray need to go in the back left corner of the drip pan BEFORE you light the grill. They need to soak up heat during the preheat process. They should start smoking about 5 minutes after the grill passes the 400 degrees mark. After you see the first smoke from the chimneys, give them another 5 minutes or so to ash up so they will continue to smoke when you open the lid to add food.
Hope this helps.