Topic Title: Oh no - Cajun Seasoning?
Created on May 27, 2015 at 09:56 PM

Tom Kirkman

Has Holland discontinued their Cajun Seasoning? This was the absolute best stuff for chicken wings and shrimp. Say it ain't so...


Not sure if its no longer sold. However if you are looking for a great replacement try one of the "Wing Dust" options by Conyeager spice out of Pa. They do offer a Cajun variant. Their original Wing Dust amd Cajun variant arw my go to spices for wings and just about everythimg fowl.

Tom Kirkman

The advantage of the Holland Spicy Cajun was the low salt content which allowed you to really add a good amount of seasoning without "overseasoning" with salt. It was their best seasoning product. Really hate to see it discontinued.

Tom Kirkman

I will check out your recommendation, thanks.

The Holland Grill Co

Unfortunately Tom we discontinued the Cajun seasoning several years ago because of low sales. However, customers reply back to us that our "Chicken & Chop Rub" is a nice spice for wings with a good amount of chili powder in it. Thanks for being such a great Holland-Griller...we appreciate you!