Topic Title: Companions won't stay lit
Created on July 3, 2015 at 10:44 PM



We have 4 Companions amongst my family and 3 of them won't stay lit or will take many attempts. We've tried both 1lb tank directly attached and large tank via hose.

Any suggests or fix?


Never had a problem with the 1-lb cylinders.

However with the 20lb tank hose I have had a problem. Drove me nuts seeing how I had just used the grill here in Va Beach prior to heading south for the snow bird season. I have two regulators the one that came with the grill. Then when I bought the hose for the 20-lb cylinder I went ahead and purchased a second regulator and attached to the hose. I don't know what possessed me to take the regulator off the hose after i installed but I did. Kind of defeated the purpose of two regulators in the first place.

Come to find out the problem was when I reattached the regulator to the hose I did not tighten it enough. Had right wrist surgery and thought the thing was on good. Tried swapping regulators no glory. Broke out a pair of water pump pliers and gave the hose/regulator a nudge with those and the grill worked fine.

Hope that helps/