Topic Title: Fed up with holland grills
Created on July 26, 2015 at 02:09 PM


Ive had a apex and a companion for years , apex is finiky, but tolerable, the companion on the other hand, has been a thorn in my side ,constantly goes out, and has to be re lit, talked to holland grille reps and to no avail, ive even left out night after night and no one has ever stolen it , maybe when they do take it, they will see how it doesnt work and will return for refund, gonna buy a baby q, weber, they work all the time, you would think thia company would figure it out instead of praising how good they are, if you could ever keep it lit, almost ready to wave the white flag


Randy if you are using thr Companion with a 20lbs cylinder I had that problem. Then went into the garage got a pair of waterpump pliers and gave the connection at hose and regulator a nudge and problem went away.

Sorry to here you are having issues with your Apex. I have an Epic,Legacy and Classic and never have had issues with those.


I've had the original Holland grille for 20+ yeas and love it, Had my companion for 5+ and have never had issues with it going out, with either 1 lb cans or the 20 lb cylinder. The only problem I have is the back edge is a hot spot, so if you completely fill it with 30 hotdogs, the ends on the back row turn black, solved that by flipping when I roll. Problem solved


Had my Apex for almost 8 years now, I did have one problem with the burner and it was replaced (parts received within 48 hours. Other than that I have had no problems. You can have all the Webers and any other brand you want but my Holland ain't goin no where!


I HATE HOLLAND GRILLS I have had mine for almost 30 yrs Wife says I can get new one when this one wears out........GOOD LUCK.....In the time I have owned it I purchased following parts 2 igniter kits, 1 new alum. drip tray, 1 side tray( My fault hit it on something), So that is why I hate them Most of my friends get new grills about 2-3 yrs. Here I am stuck with this one almost 30 yrs. Purchase price about 600.00 Divided by 30 yrs it has cost me about 20 dollars a year plus a couple of parts. I want a new one......I just hate Holland grills. I will pay for shipping for any of you folks that are unsatisfied with your grill. Not One Single complaint EXCEPT can not wear the dam thing out


Though my original (Classic) is only 19 years young I have the same conundrum. However I remidied the prolem by adding a Legacy, Epic and a couple of Companions. Have given 2 Companions to different inlaws and kept 1 for myself.


Good for all of you. It's good to know someone likes this junk. I've had it...paying over 1000 bucks for a grill that you can't regulate temperature on didn't seem like a good idea to me at the start, but I knew people who loved theirs. I had mine for about 8 months before it stopped heating up past about 250. To their credit, Holland replaced the regulator and hose, and that fixed that problem, for several months. Then last week, I replaced a gas cylinder. I lit the grill, and was going to go back into the house to prep the food, but stayed outside to do a couple of things on the deck. It's a good thing, too.
About two minutes after I lit the grill up, it made a growing noise, and flames started shooting out of the front of it. I was able to get in underneath the flames and shut the gas off at the valve, and at the control knob, but the flames kept coming. I had to get tools and remove the control panel (by now, all the decals were bubbling and burning), and then I was able to spray I the flames out using a super-soaker. One of the fittings had spontaneously come loose, apparently. Now the plastic backs to the control knob and the lighter are burnt and melted and useless. I tried to call, and of course no one is there at dinner time (when you might have trouble with a grill). Sent an response. Anyone want another Holland Grill?


Well read about this grill with temp controls. read about this about a grill with temp controls.

Sounds like you went into the buying of your Holland with a jaded eye. Irregardless of how good the food off the grill was sound to me nothing would make you happy.