Topic Title: wood chips?
Created on August 17, 2015 at 06:46 PM


Ok first off LOVE my Holland got my first in 1993 2ed one in 2012 but I just can't get wood chips or pellets to smoke what i am I doing wrong?? put them in the upper left on top of drip pan,one time I even put water in them still no smoke??? Smoke experts please help!!! Thanks' from Wisconsin.....


Have the same problem. Anxiously await some feed back

Go Cats

Roger, I have the Wrangler with the chip tray and have never been able to get much if any smoke from it. I have had some luck with the chip tray from Lowes placed in the left corner sitting on the drip pan but still not rolling smoke. Wet, dry, large chunks, small chunks, pellets - no difference. I do seem to have better luck in the summer with warmer temps helping to get the grill hotter but in the winter, forget about it.

I did see a YouTube video once of a guy using a Holland with wet chips in a foil pouch laid right on top of the flame shield below the drip pan. My advise, don't do it. No smoke but plenty of flame!! Trust ME!!

I have also seen people use something called a Smoke Doctor or something like that. But it required a hole drilled in the side of the grill and the smoker unit mounted on the grill. I did not like that idea.

I think I am going to try this thing though. Looks much safer to me.
A-MAZE-N Tube Smoker

Anyone tried this?


I would hope Holland would provide some input?


I purchased the A-Maze-N Tube Smoker and yes it does work great. Lots of smoke that lasted about 3 hours. I purchased the 12" tube and used the Holland pellets. Lit as directed and laid it right on top of the cooking grid. Actually surprised at how much smoke it gave off and how long it lasted. Pellets turned to complete ash when done. I never could get them to much more than turn black in the smoker tray. And yes, that is with my grill running around 410-435 so it should have been over the 400 degree threshold as mentioned in another post.
For me, problem solved!


I found during the pre-heat time to set on high... when started smoking placed food on tray and back down temp to desired cooking temp..


I recommend putting your wood chips directly on the drip pan near the channel all the way across. you should have better luck!


Do not soak the wood chips. I learned the hard way. Place dry wood chips in tin foil and then place the tinfoil on the back left corner of the drip pan. Poke holes in the tinfoil so the smoke can escape. I actually put a packet on the back left and back right of the drip pan. Light the grill and in about 20-30 min. you will begin to see and smell the smoke. I have a 1998 Holland tradition grill. Hope that helps.


To Go Cats. Took your suggestion and purchased a 6" tube from A-Maze-N-Smoke and it's works very, very well. I thought the 12" might be too big but looking back, would probably order the larger size. Also found their pellets to be of good quality and reasonably priced. QUICK delivery too. Thanks much for the recommendation

Go Cats

Good Deal. Glad the smoker tube worked for you. I did get the 12" and glad I did. I have to admit that sometimes if I am sitting in the back yard and just want a little wood smell, I'll light the tube, put it in the grill and not even turn on the grill. I just enjoy the smell of hickory smoke. I have had to start buying larger bags of pellets.


The little chip drawer is a joke; It either does create some smoke or it doesn't; you can't predict when it's going to work. When it does work, it doesn't produce enough to flavor antyhing. If you really want great smoke, google smoke daddy. They sell a great smoke generator that is easily just need a bimetal hole saw to drill one hole in the back of your grill.