Topic Title: Smoke???
Created on September 22, 2015 at 08:53 PM

Floyd A

It just amazes me that not one of the previous posters even mentioned the most important piece of information necessary for someone to help trouble-shoot their problem. The dry smoke pellets must exceed 400 degrees for a few minutes before they begin to emit smoke. SO...How hot does your grill get???
I have an older Holland that gets to 425/435 degrees on a cool 60 degree day after about 20/30 minutes. I use Holland pellets, dry, in 2 of the simple aluminum trays that Holland sells on their accessory page. I put 1 in each back corner of the drip pan before lighting the grill. I do not open the lid or put food on the grill until I see smoke coming from the stacks & then I wait an extra 5 minutes for the pellets to ash up before opening the lid.
If your grill does not get to 400+ degrees after a full preheat, find out why & fix it.


From a conversion on previous posts regarding "smoke", I took one persons suggestion and ordered a smoke tube from A-MAZE-N- SMOKE and it works very well. Gives me all the smoke I need.