Topic Title: flame up
Created on April 12, 2016 at 12:44 PM


My maverick grill has started to flam up especially when I cook hamburgers. Help !

Go Cats

Mine has flamed up a couple of times but both were my fault. I had the burgers to close to the edge of the cooking grid. Drippings did not fall in the drip pan but around the outside of it and presto, flames. Closed the top, turned off the gas and fire went out quickly. Scared me pretty good the first time but now I know why and what I can do to prevent it.


I bought one last spring am really not happy with it flares up all the time even with steaks I have to watch it constantly I have tried adjusting flame and nothing works

Tom Kirkman

The only way it can actually flame up is for grease drippings to somehow get past the drip pan and heat deflector, which isn't easy but can happen if you have your food placed at the very edge of the grilling surface. Bring it back in a half inch to an inch and you should be fine.

bill hobbs

I have found if you maintain a 1 inch space around the perimeter of the grill the grease will fall into the drip pan as designed...I learned one time from putting too many higher fat burgers all around the cooking surface that the grease could get to the flame...bottom line is to follow the instructions-great grill!