Topic Title: Not hot enough
Created on May 30, 2016 at 05:28 PM


I'm a long time owner/user of the Holland grill. I have a Legacy LS which I purchased new 12 years ago. Since new I've never got it above 400 degrees. It typically runs about 350. I've calibrated the temp gauge and got another oven thermometer I put on the grate so the temp is accurate. I've taken it apart and cleaned the grate and drip pan. I've not removed/cleaned out the burner yet as the temp had been consistantly low sincr new. Looking at the burner, the flame is mostly blue with only trace yellow/orange at the tip of flame. I leave foods on a bit longer and use a temp probe to ensure foods done. A friend of mine had a Tradition which runs the same temp so figured everything was ok. Living in AZ I use this in place of my oven during the hot summers and love this grill. I have used it for everything from chicken, tri-tip, ribs, breakfast and pizza. Thx

Fred R

I had the same problem with ours we could not get over 350 degrees. Cleaned everything ended up trying a regulator off a friends rusted out off brand grill. Now it runs at 475 degrees even 500 hundred in hot weather. I just use the control 3/4 instead of all the way on. Hope this helps ours was a Tradition probably 15 years still cooks Great


I would check your office size. I see the owners manual shows a smaller office than the parts book. Yours may be one size too small. Not sure if that was a misprint or if Holland changed sizes. I've had my Legacy for 18 years and it gets slightly hotter than 400 which seems perfect. I cook all winter long and don't seem to have any issues.


Holland NOT A GRILL but an out door oven that is set up to only 350/400 and i have the same problem with mine, i an trying to find out how many.. BTU's the burner has and replace it with an other burner

skip in Va

I had an older Holland Grill (probably had it for over 15 yrs.) and it consistently heated to about 350-375. I bought a new grill in July and it consistently heats to 425-450. I heard that Holland did some tweaks to get the newer grills to heat hotter and faster.