Topic Title: Holland Legacy, how much is it worth?
Created on June 7, 2016 at 08:05 PM


Hi, my husband and I recently bought a home and the grill was left from the sellers. It's a Holland Legacy LS, and is in good condition. It has normal wear and tear, but has been kept out of the rain and in good shape. I see that this model is retired, and was wondering if anyone could tell me it's worth? It seems these are expensive grills, and is a pretty big perk of our new house!


Probably a few hundred. But don't sell it, use it. You might like how it cooks food.


I have a SS Legacy with side burner and new it cost north of 1k. Great grill.Use it like the above poster said you won't regret it. Holland has great customer service if you need help or parts.
BTW remove the stack filters if previous owners did not do it.


Cassandra, I might be interested in your grill, I am in Raleigh area,


I just found one on Craigs list for Free,
when I showed up I asked him why he was giving such a great BBQ away he claimed it came with the house he purchased. I informed him that this is truly the best BBQ on the market and thanked him for it.