Topic Title: Legacy LS Temp
Created on July 28, 2008 at 09:02 PM


How hot "should" the Legacy LS pre heat to? I've replaced the regulator and it still only pre-heats to just under 400 and it's 90 degrees outside.


My Legacy LS on LP typically maxes out at about 450/475 depending on outdoor temps. You must do the regulator reset, have everything clean & adjusted properly to get this.

If you don't know what I am referring to, look at all the tips under trouble-shooting & grill care tips.


Even when my Legacy LS was brand new, it would do exactly what Deige stated. I have reset the regulator, still does not get to 400. I have cleaned, adjusted the air intake, etc, etc. Still, it will not reach 400 on propane. So, I decided to try natural gas. I removed and replaced the stock orifice with a 53, even thought the owners manual for the Legacy LS states a 48 on page L2. Now, on NG, the temp will not get above 300.

Nothing addressed by the website has worked and I have tried all recommended tips. Temperature just doesnt get at proper level at LP or NG. Since I live in Denver, is this because of the thinner air? If so, do I need a larger orifice?


I saw your post on the other thread. What @ is trying to say is that problems like this cannot be solved by posting on a blog. There are too many questions that need to be answered before the most likely solutions can be determined. Again, if you have a full 7" of water column pressure(NG) at the end of your hose where it screws onto the gas valve, you must have a blockage in the valve or in the burner. They need to know what color your flame is & how long the flame is. Then they can begin the process of elimination so they can replace the problem part(s). They can't do this by email or blog. They need to talk to you. 800-880-9766