Topic Title: Companion Small Gas Bottle Usage
Created on October 9, 2016 at 10:03 PM


Hello everyone, please forgive me if this question has already been answered. I am too lazy to look for it. Anyway, I have had a Companion electric grill for several years. I have been nursing it along the past few years since the parts have been slowly melting. Today (10/9/16) it finally gave up. I am thinking about getting the Companion gas grill, since the size of the grill is just right for me. I was wondering about the gas bottle usage. Speaking of the kind in the picture, like you would use with a Coleman lantern for example, how much usage can you get out of one bottle. I mean how do you measure it - by minutes, hours, number of steaks, etc? I don't like to lug the larger tank around to be refilled although I know the smaller gas bottle are more expensive overall.

I have owned a larger grill in the past for over 15 years and have always recommended Holland grills to other people. I know I have converted at a couple dozen people to Holland over the years.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!


As noted on the website under Companion Grill, 1 lb bottle, approx 4 hrs on high, 5 hrs on med & 6 hrs on low.


Current Walmart price for 2 pack of Coleman 1 lb bottles $6.24. Works out to about $.78 per hr. on high.


Andy, yes, I see where it makes that claim, but in the real world things are different. Plus, different locations use gas at different rates due to altitude and such. I would just like to get a few real world examples to get an idea of what the usage is. Thanks!


After a few months of use with the gas Companion, the bottle usage is about one bottle per 4 - 5 cookings on low. Guesstimated time is about 6 hours. I have found that Lowe's usually has a good deal on the bottles. A few months ago they had the three packs for $4.99. I thought it was a misprint or a per bottle price, so I asked about it. They said that was the price for the pack, so I bought ten 3-packs. I am good to go for a while.