Topic Title: Closed lid for beef?
Created on January 19, 2017 at 12:04 PM

Dan G.

Just tried my new grill for the first time last night.
Burgers, skirt steak, and sausage.
I'd always leave the grill lid open when cooking beef with my traditional Weber grill, because a closed lid makes for a tough steak, because it's being 'baked'.
Same thing happened with the Holland. Burgers and steaks were tough, and didn't get that nice brown color on the outside.
Not sure what I'm missing, but will admit that I only let it 'heat up' for about 5 minutes before placing the meat on.
-Sausages came out nice though. Disappointed with the beef.
Any tips from the experts?


All cooking on a Holland should be with the lid closed & the grill allowed to come to max heat before adding food. If you don't want to invest in the "SearMate" accessory,you must cook steaks at the maximum temp your grill can obtain.
Steaks removed from fridge, pre-seasoned & coming to room temp while the grill is heating.
Grill pre-heated to 400+ degrees or max for maximum first heat on steaks for good browning.
Add steaks with tongs one at a time without opening lid all the way. Keep the heat inside.
On my grill @ 450 degrees, 4 minutes first side, 3 minutes second side for med rare.
Your times will likely vary some, depending on your max heat & outdoor temps.
BTW...The Holland Grill is advertised as a "convection oven", not an open "flamethrower" type grill.
Hope this helps.

Dan G.

Franklin- thank you for your reply! I've got the hang of it now.