Topic Title: FINALLY!! Smoking Like a Champ
Created on June 1, 2017 at 09:53 PM

Donnie in RVA

I have a Legacy and haven't ever been satisfied with the ability to smoke meats. I tried the pellet drawer, but that was a total washout. I tried wood chips on the drip pan with similar results - no smoke. I finally resorted to rolling wet wood chips into an aluminum foil "cigar" and jamming it into the gap to the left of the drip pan. This was a little better but still disappointing.

Thanks to the folks at the Holland headquarters support line, I figured out how to get great smoke. Unscrew the drip valve from the bottom of the drain pipe. This allows you to remove the drip pan to reveal the metal heat plate that covers the burner. I put a full box of mesquite chips on the heat plate, replaced the drip pan and drain valve. Now my Holland is smoking!!!

Thanks to whoever posted this idea originally and the folks at Holland, I just saved $800 on an electric smoker that I won't need.


just looked at my new Holland which I want to use as a smoker. It looks to me I can just lift the plate above the burner and slide the box right in with the chips before I star the grill. Really do I have to remove the drip pipe?

Donnie in RVA

Not sure what plate you are lifting. I can't lift my drip pan high enough to clear a box of chips.


1) Do you soak your chips, if so how long?
2) How did you keep the wood from burning up? I tried putting a full box (4inx12") on the heat plate. I soaked chips burned up in less than 20 min. Soaked chips maybe lasted 25 min.


Sorry - typing on my phone = typos...

I meant to say that the unsoaked chips burned up in 20min and soaked chips burned up in 25min. I soaked them for 30 min.